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New Music: Wale- Girls on Drugs

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wale taan
With The Album About Nothing currently sitting at #1 on the charts, Wale drops his new video for “The Girls On Drugs.” In his new video we can take a deeper look into Wale’s perspective about insecure women and why they turn to weed smoking, pill popping and self infliction. From The Album About Nothing, this track gives us insight on woman who are dealing with mental and emotional issues and turn to drug and alcohol use to cope. Woman who may look attractive on the outside but internally deal with insecurity issues.
The song originally debuted on Wale’s mixtape Festivus,and is now included onto Wale’s TAAN album.
With a sample from 1997 Janet Jackson’s ‘Go Deep‘ Wale raps-

“Let me tell you about the woman that I kick it with
Told me nobody love her so she cut her wrist
Not enough for the hospital but cut it close
That’s why she want to get high because she’s feeling low
Told me pour me a vodka pill and little smoke
So I could numb her insides and we will never know
Girls on drugs, they still need Love”

Directed by Dre Films, Produced by Tre Native
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