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Top 5 Songs of the Week

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Duro – Tekno
Nigerian artist Tekno created an upbeat catchy sound to this Niaja oldie.


Godwin – Korede Bello
Mavins Record’s “mega supa star o” Korede Bello, recent hit Godwin is currently my mothers favorite record. In the joyous evangelist theme video, Korede Bello does his crayfish dance while declaring all of your victories in life is a win for big guy in the blue sky.

Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 10.38.40 AM

Quadradinho – DJ Habias
If there ever was a call for women to go home and not to return to the dance floor until the step up their twerking skills, Dj Habias’ Quadradinho would be that cry. This addictive rump shaking afro-house anthem has Angolan women bent over like they drop their new-born child.

Don’t believe me just watch this Quadradinho contest below, its easy to see which participant spent the most time dancing to this song in the mirror.

Doyo Doyo – Vitale
Vitale’s Doyo Doyo is what I like to call village bounce music that is meant for the waist down. Actually for 40% of the video the Ivorian singer back is facing the camera, not that I’m complaining, I’m just saying.


Alime – Pheno Ambro
Pheno Ambro’s is a Togo-Nigerian artist based in Paris (like its says on his twitter). The reason why I enjoy the vibe of this song and video because it reminds me of ol coupe decale classics I grew up on.

Phemo Ambro Gif3

Pheno Ambro Gif1




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