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Global Citizen 2015

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fally dbanj

Africa brought the high-energy brand of Afrobeat music to the American capital of Washington D.C on Saturday when they perform with other musicians at the Global Citizen event for Earth Day.

Dbanj and Fally Ipupa was just one of several big-name performers brought in to help focus attention on environmental and poverty around the world. With more than 250,000 people in attendance, the project aimed at uniting the issues of climate change and global poverty and to engage global citizens and business and world leaders to act now to address both issues.

Nigerian superstar D’banj performed alongside Fally Ipupa, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Common, Mary J. Blige, and many more stars at a free concert held on Capitol Hill for the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day put on by Global Poverty Project and the Earth Day Network.
Usher, who took the stage using a gold-colored crutch, performed with a cast on his left leg. He underwent surgery on his foot earlier this month.

“D.C., one foot don’t stop no show,” he said. “I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. This is all about love, hope, togetherness, peace.”
The day’s speakers include Don Cheadle, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.

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