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Cameroonian Afro Hip hop rapper Jovi

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Cameroonian rapper Jovi has released his highly-anticipated sophomore album Mboko God. After dropping album single’s like “CASH” and “B.A.S.T.A.R.D”(feat. Reniss) Cameroonian rapper is surly making a statement and grabbing attention. The socially-conscious rapper raps in Pidgin, English and French. Jovi, produces all his records, and has a alter ego called “Le Monstre” and is renowned for his compelling fusion of Afro electro-trap, classic Cameroon/ African, sounds and instruments with new contemporary sounds  and hip hop. Mboko God, has a blend of dialects, rhythms and sounds, encompasses traditional influences from across the continent to create a Cameroonian hip-hop treasure.

His videos are well video-graphed and the visuals are brought to life, thanks to his director, Ndukong Bertrand Nwang, who is also his younger brother who owns  February 16th Production Company and is responsible for all his art work.

Jovi is defiantly an artist to look out for and I believe very soon he will be known all across Africa and abroad.


Check out his latest video Big Vulture




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