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Video: Tomi Thomas- Ready or Not

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tomi ready

Tomi Thomas is a Multi –talented artist with a strong belief in the power of GOOD Music .The young versatile artist was raised between Kano, Lagos, and Atlanta, so he was always drawn to music and gained inspiration from musicians from different genres and styles.

The single, was released months ago but he recently released the video for Ready or Not.It’s is a blend of House and Afrobeat, fondly called Afro-House. With his nice smooth vocals he sings about loving the woman he is with and being there for her whether she’s ready or not.

“See I’m not going anywhere and I’m not playing with your feelings, See I’m smiling ear to ear, I promise only love and healing,healing to your soul”

It was produced by GMK (Grand Master King) and mixed and mastered by BenieMusic.

Tomi released his EP titled “Patience”, and working on the LOS EP also, titled “Jones Connect” We can’t wait for more tunes from this guy, and hear more of his talents.

Watch Ready or Not



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  1. Yeah, I’m liking this.


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