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World Health Organization Declares Sierra Leone, and Liberia Ebola free. Watch the Bye Bye Ebola Music Video by Block Jones

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After nearly 22 months and more than 11,300 deaths worldwide, the deadliest Ebola epidemic in history has come to an end and has shown no signs in Sierra Leone, and Liberia as West Africa battles to stamp out the deadly virus that is holding on in neighboring Guinea.

In Guinea, where the first case was found, nearly 4,000 people died of the virus. Sierra Leone where nearly 4,000 died has been declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organisation and Liberia where more than 4,800 people died of the virus was declared free of Ebola on 3 September 2015.

There has been an out pour of emotions from people in Africa and also people around the world who was tragically affected by this disease. Those of us living outside of Africa were calling everyday to speak to our loved ones and check on the status of the crisis. At the peak of the outbreak in 2014, there were reports of hundreds of new cases a week . Curfews were put in place and market trading and public gatherings including football matches and public film showings were banned. People queued for treatment at hospitals too full to cope and corpses were left on the streets.

Now, as of November 7 2015 Ebola is gone in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The last known place on Earth with Ebola is Tana village in Guinea and health workers are persistent in getting it to Zero!

Thankfully, we can go back to eating with each again, hugging and holding hands and being affectionate like we are in our culture. A new day has come and we pray to never see Ebola again.

Check out Bye Bye Ebola the Ebola Free Song by Block Jones Ft. Freetown from Sierra Leone



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