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Liberian Producer Leaks a song by DenG and Takun J without their Approval

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We at AfroXilla are big supporters of DenG and Takun J. When their new song “Some Done Some Na Done” hit the web, we were excited to hear about this collaboration and wanted to get more details about the song and potential music video.

We reached out to African Entertainment Music Group which is DenG’s management team and to our surprise- sources close to DenG’s management stated that the song was released without their approval.

When a song gets leaked, even though people may love the track, if the song gets released it may not reach its intended audience because the management team will not push or promote a song that was not authorized to be released.





Takun J

Leaked songs is by far a too-common occurrence and people fail to see how much damage leaking a song does to an artist and the industry. DenG’s camp says the track was unfinished and somehow made it to the web before its scheduled release date. His management declared that a mistake led to the early release of a low quality version of the song and it does not meet the artist’s standards.

Some argue that leaking a song gives the artist exposure and publicity however, if a song  is released without being fully completed it is not a good representation of the artist and he or she’s work. Leaking songs is still an on-going issue that probably won’t disappear anytime soon. Hopefully, people can understand that it can be detrimental to the industry and reconsider before releasing someone’s unfinished work.

So what do you think? What are your opinions on leaked material and its implications?

Meanwhile, DenG’s latest single “Make Dem Talk” featuring Nigerian artist Kcee is going viral and gaining popularity from fans around the world. There’s a Dance Competition  which ends February 2nd and will allow a winner to partake in the video and win a cash prize!  The song is also available for a Caller Tune at MTN.


Popular Ghanaian Actress Christabel jams to “Make Dem Talk”

London dance group GoldNHeads  Choreographed routine to “Make Dem Talk” 





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