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New Video- Liberian Artist Flex Releases His New Video “Holy Ghost Fire” Featuring Akon

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Liberian artist Flex has caught the attention of the Senegalese international music legend Akon!  Today, Flex released the long awaited music video for his single “Holy Ghost Fire” shot by Patrick Ellis in Miami, FL. The Akon featured hit has been playing at Liberian parties and clubs and now hitting the airwaves in the US and Africa. f1

Months ago, Flex relocated from Minnesota to Atlanta to further his music career with his business partner, Gibson Kagni, owner of GProduction.

Flex stated the song was sparked by a conversation he had with his mother during a low-point in his life. His mother’s words moved him once she told him to pray to God to fire any demons trying to stop his progress and success. This theme of advancing beyond obstacles and doubts with anointment has resonated with West Africa’s Christian culture.

The Akon and Flex collaboration is subsequent news following Akon’s ‘Lighting Africa Project’ in Liberia.  You can read YoungQueenDolo‘s article on Akon’s trip to Liberia for his Light to Learn initiative here.


 This collaboration is a huge deal for the Liberian music industry and we look forward to seeing what more is in store for Flex and his music!

Check Out the Video Below



2 Comments on New Video- Liberian Artist Flex Releases His New Video “Holy Ghost Fire” Featuring Akon

  1. Great job flex


  2. Florence Page // March 20, 2017 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    Great collaboration.bravo to Flex and Akon


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