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Top 5 Songs of The Week

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The quote above is from cultural critic Fried Nietzsche and I share the same sentiments. Music is more than organize noise for me, it’s equivalent to a pill that can boost confidence and immune systems. All of my favorite albums help secure my essence by perpetuating  my aura like a force field while denying all hating-ass  intruders access. With that being said I’m confident these songs will consume you with a similar euphoria.


Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In

If Gallant melodious tone doesn’t capture your attention than turn it off the song, because you you obviously don’t deserve this sweet piece of K-Pop heaven. Korean rap scene forerunner, Tablo and singer Eric Nam add vivid lines about love, life and clouds.


Fizo – Jombolo

For several weeks Jombolo has been a low-key viral dance meme hit with no actual release date. I was extremely elated when I was able to tracked down the artist, Fizo on Instagram.


Now we just have to wait for the video. But the song is available on Itunes.



Wande Coal x DJ Tunez – Iskaba

2 years ago the Afroxilla team spent Independence Day weekend at Cap Bee‘s  BestDayPartyEver rooftop party in Times Square, Manhattan with DJ Tunez on the 1s and 2s and  IT-CHANGED-MY-LIFE. Once again, DJ Tunez’s with Wande Coal assisting with vocals, knows the perfect tempo that encourages me to purchase an obscene amount of drinks with his most recent hit, Iskaba.


Skales – Temper Remix Featuring Burna Boy

Here’s an analogy for you: if Skales’s original Temper is Nigerian’s Jollof than the remix is Liberian’s Jollof and Burna Boy is obviously the seasoning that makes Liberian’s Jollof sweet. Leaving the Jollof comparison behind, this song has Lagos flavor all over it. Burna Boys’s voice on the hook certified the songs vibe and Fela Kuti touch.


Phreshmann – TrashDay

“The money is good but good ain’t better than great, great is on-time and good is ten minutes late and I ain’t trying to be late.”  Where is the lie? Hailing from my hometown of Philadelphia, rapper Phreshmann (I spell my name with a Ph cause ya’ll niggas can’t F wit me) recently released his S.S.O.P. mixtape on Soundcloud to high acclaim. TrashDay is Phresh lyrically disposing garbage rappers while showcasing real-life bars over bullsh*t.





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