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Tribute Song to Quincy B by DenG ft DJ Master Queen “Come Back”

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The past 2 weeks has been the most devastating period for the Liberian music industry. Quincy Burrowes also known as Quincy B passed away the early morning of March 3rd 2017 in a tragic car accident. His sudden death stunned the entire Liberian community with regret and sorrow. Quincy B was a young legend with many talents that he contributed to the Liberian music industry. As a singer, producer, song writer and brand ambassador for MTN Lonstar Cell, Quincy B was well on his way to super stardom.

Musical artist DenG made a tribute song featuring radio personality Master Queen titled “Come Back”. This is by far the saddest song I have ever listened to. DenG released this tribute song the same day he announced his hit single “Kemah” reached 1 million views on YouTube. A time that should be celebrated for DenG unfortunately, is a time of grief. Quincy B’s legacy will always stay alive and he will never be forgotten. Rest well Quincy.

Listen to Come Back



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